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2024 Selected Films

A Man For The Job.jpeg

A Man For The Job

16 mins

Dir. Lyn Elliot | Short

When a young hospital parking valet befriends a middle-aged patient, he discovers she wants something he may not be able to give.

After Ike.jpeg

After Ike: A Journey That Changed America

60 mins

Dir. Gregory F Maassen | Documentary

“After Ike” retraces Lt. Col. Dwight D. Eisenhower's pivotal 3,251-mile journey from Washington to San Francisco along the Lincoln Highway in 1919. This experience shaped his vision for U.S. highways that profoundly impacted small-town America and communities of color. The 60-minute film delves into the convoy's challenges and transformative effects.

An Open Door.jpeg

An Open Door – Temple Grandin

59 mins

Dir. John Alexander Barnhardt | Documentary

An Open Door is the international award-winning documentary that reflects on the influential life and work of Dr. Temple Grandin as a champion of the humane treatment of livestock, autism rights, and inclusive neurodiversity by employing her gifted insights from her personal experience with autism and visual thinking. The film speaks with Dr. Grandin, her colleagues, industry professionals and those she has influenced to celebrate her groundbreaking life, lessons learned and lasting legacy. An Open Door is directed by award-winning filmmaker John Barnhardt and presented by Colorado State University.

Arcade Gamer.jpeg

Arcade Gamer: The True Story  

46 mins

Dir. Tom Garland | Documentary

Jordan Dorrington is one of the best arcade video game players in the world. He holds multiple world records in the classic arcade game, Galaga (1981). Now eager to conquer Donkey Kong (1981), the film follows as he pursues his obscure obsession.

Ash Wednesday.jpeg

Ash Wednesday

17 mins

Dir. Grace O'Brien | Student

When queer Catholic schoolgirl Bridget gets her period during Ash Wednesday Mass, she embarks on an odyssey with best friend Erin to find a tampon and make it back in time to get their ashes - or else they're suspended.

Black Raven.jpeg

Black Raven

40 mins

Dir. George Wyhinny | Documentary

A gripping documentary, featuring the witnesses of Joseph Stalin’s Holodomor Genocide of Ukrainians in 1932-33. Each persevered through horror. Each confronted death and struggled to survive. Their stories of resilience and defiance have kept Ukraine’s history and culture alive.


Brothers: A Civil War Story  

20 mins

Dir. Casey Schaffer | Student

A young Confederate soldier comes face-to-face with his Union brother on the battlefield during the Battle of the Wilderness.

COVID Dystopia.jpeg

COVID Dystopia

4 mins

Dir. Thomas Thorspecken | Animation

This film includes over 200 digitally hand drawn works compiled and animated to provide an artistic commentary on COVID, politics, and the global and local impacts during this devastating and unprecedented time in history. Carefully timed to the tune of a prophetic post-apocalyptic musical number written nearly ten years earlier, this is a short you'll want to watch many times over until you begin to truly comprehend the horror.

Dion & Denver.jpeg

Dion & Denver

15 mins

Dir. Zack Hosseini | Short

In the late 1960s, an aging Dion DiMucci, struggling to stay relevant in a rapidly changing America, meets an ambitious young John Denver who helps reignite his passion for music and reminds him of their place in the cultural spotlight.

Frail Grounds.jpeg

Frail Grounds

20 mins

Dir. Abby Tarpey | Student

A girl, Margot, wakes up in a world unfamiliar to her, reuniting with her siblings to try to understand how she ended up there and how to escape. Finding the answers at her funeral, the trio learns what is important along the way.

Heartbeat by Heartbeat.jpeg

Heartbeat by Heartbeat

23 mins

Dir. Alex Shores | Student

When a single father loses his job, he must find a way to pay for his daughter's heart surgery while struggling through the challenges of parenthood.



1 hr 16 mins

Dir. Michael Godfrey | Local

Explore the life of the late jazz musician, Hob Mason, through the eyes of his daughter, son, and fellow musicians.

Hunky Dory.jpeg

Hunky Dory

6 mins

Dir. Steven Vander Meer | Music Video

Hunky Dory juxtaposes scenes of animal life with images of human existence, observing the quirky and unexpected ways in which we are similar. The meticulously hand-drawn animation is a visual smorgasbord, moving and morphing in perfect time to the banjo music of Béla Fleck and his bandmates in My Bluegrass Heart.

I'm Seeing an Invisible Man.jpeg

I'm Seeing An Invisible Man

7 mins

Dir. Matthew Hagen & Ethan Lex | Student

A documentary crew follows a sweet, old lady attempting to convince her family that her boyfriend is real. Unfortunately for her, he's invisible.

In Your Head.jpeg

In Your Head

10 mins

Dir. Paul K & Dale L. Campbell | Iowa Made

At one point or another, we all have to or have already ventured out into the world, leaving whatever family we had known behind. It's still isolation to be in a room full of people, and not know a single one of them. All these people around you, and yet you have the audacity to feel alone. Opportunity around every corner, and yet all you can do is stat In Your Head. You are not alone. We have all been in our heads. We need to escape. 

Infinite Battleground.jpeg

Infinite Battleground

6 mins

Dir. Kristopher J. Gathercoal | Music Video

Two men struggle to balance work with their passion for music.



29 mins

Dir. Benjamin Schmidt | Short

While sorting through the belongings of his deceased estranged uncle, John discovers some dark secrets and realizes he may have inherited more than he bargained for.

Knee High.jpeg

Knee High

1 hr 53 min

Dir. Marissa Vonn | Iowa Made

Following a sudden loss and a glimpse into new possibilities, Cal Melbourne, a young father forced to grow up fast on Iowa's farmlands, must choose between salvaging his family's legacy or pursuing an unknown future for himself and his son.



13 mins

Dir. Kaitlyn T. Busbee | Student

Left by their mother to fend for themselves, two siblings in Iowa learn to live by their own code, until a choice becomes a secret that tests their trust in each other.



30 mins

Dir. George Nicholas | Short

Manuel is a 16-year-old living in Tijuana, Mexico with his grandfather while his mom works in the United States. When he meets a girl, he sees an opportunity to assert his independent, but what he doesn't know about her will push him to the limit. Inspired by real events. 


Manchu: A Brotherhood of Sacrifice

2 hr 16 mins

Dir. Matthew Leonard Wilcox | Documentary

This documentary film follows a U.S. army unit named the Manchus during their service in Vietnam from 1968 to 1970. This film depicts the Vietnam War from the ground up and explores the chaos of war.



3 mins

Dir. Jaymz Eberly | Music Video

Trevor McShane is also the lawyer, Neville Johnson. Several years ago Neville was in a contentious lawsuit over a musical composition with Jeff Sanders, a lawyer from New York. They had pleasant conversations with each other, and Jeff mentioned he was going to go down the Colorado river on a raft with his twin daughters. The day before a big hearing on the case in Los Angeles, Neville got word that Jeff had passed away at the hotel. Trevor/Neville understands he was a relatively young man. This caused Neville to recall the famous quote oaf UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden that we “must make each day your masterpiece.“ Neville wrote the biography of Coach Wooden, “Three John Wooden Pyramid of Success.” Using this quote, Neville honored the life and spirit of Jeff Sanders in the song “Masterpiece.” We are all here for short for such a short time. We’ve all got to make the most of every day.

Meeting Michael_edited.jpg

Meeting Michael Vol 2  

14 mins

Dir. Frank Boyd & Brittany Benedict |
Iowa Made

The stranger returns to instill hope in a small midwestern town

Meme Me.jpeg

Meme Me

19 mins

Dir. Alec Goldberg | Short

After cyber bullying his classmate for being Jewish, Tyler is given the option to be expelled or to do a research paper/presentation with the help of the mom of the kid he bullied.

Memorable Night.jpeg

Memorable Night  

8 mins

Dir. Romain Fleury | Short

In a retirement home, Robert and Marcelle are getting ready for an event that will take them out of their daily lives: a night out at the discotheque. Despite Robert's Alzheimer's disease does not improve, Marcelle stays by his side, reviving memories. Clémentine, their granddaughter, has volunteered to accompany them and is looking forward to sharing important news with them….

Never Not Yours.jpeg

Never Not Yours

1 hr 22 mins

Dir. John Klein & Stephen Kniss | Feature

30ish siblings Michael, Ellie, and James drive to their family cabin to visit their parents Jonathan and Maddie. But when their mom and dad unexpectedly announce their divorce, chaos ensues.



5 mins

Dir. Ashley Cherie Long | Music Video

The music video for artist Tory Church. Directed, shot, and edited by Ashley Long.



21 mins

Dir. Colin Schlei | Local

A surrealist exploration of wealth, greed, and the cannibalization of the working class.


Outlaws: A Poem

4 mins

Dir. Jason Cox | Short

Bonnie and Clyde meet Billy the Kid, bringing together two generations of outlaws that could not escape Death or the infamy that followed

Resurrecting Forest Grove.jpeg

Resurrecting Forest Grove

58 mins

Dir. Kelly Rundle | Documentary

In 2012, a small group of preservationists stood before the hollowed-out shell of the unique and historic 1873 Forest Grove School No. 5. In the shadow of the gray, windowless, sagging structure they decided it could, and should, be saved.

Riding Out The Storm.jpeg

Riding Out The Storm

15 mins

Dir. Bruce Alan Johnson | Short

On the day Hurricane Sandy is set to hit Staten Island, a woman must decided whether or not to evacuate the home her late husband built for them. A movie musical short. Directed by Bruce Alan Johnson. Screenplay and lyrics by Christine Toy Johnson, music and score by Michael Mott.

Roast Pork Butt.jpeg

Roast Pork Butt

19 mins

Dir. Zack Burkett | Short

Roast Pork Butt is the story of the worst date I ever had.

Second Thought.jpeg

Second Thought

7 mins

Dir. Chris Stanley | Short

The film explores the nuances of modern gay dating and highlights the diverse experiences within our community. It's about encouraging deeper connections and understanding that romance can be more fulfilling when it’s not rushed.



1 hr 40 mins

Dir. Michael Flores | Feature

Sol and Gina had big dreams of travel and adventure in their vintage RV over their summer break from teaching elementary. But when Gina’s life is cut short by a school shooter, Sol desperately tries to hold onto her memory by taking to the open road with their little dog, Rosie. Lost and in search for answers along his own personal odyssey, Sol realizes through helping others and rediscovering lessons from his Mestizo heritage that his true path has been laid before him all along.

Shannon Is Strange.jpeg

Shannon Is Strange

17 mins

Dir. Don Hessell & Alan LaFave | Short

A phone call sends Shannon through a labyrinth on her way to an epic showdown with the elusive Jack. Will she succeed or fail at her quest? What we know for sure is that Shannon Is Strange. Embark on a Bowie-inspired odyssey that celebrates deep tracks, eclectic friends, playful diversions, and the underdog in a small town.

Stockton to Table Rock.jpeg

Stockton to Table Rock  

1 hr 27 mins

Dir. Elliot Norton  | Feature

Weeks before graduation, a high school senior confronts her abusive mother and wrestles with whether forgiveness is possible.

Sweet Pea.jpeg

Sweet Pea

14 mins

Dir. Casey Bischel | Short

A young family loses a child and heals over the next 10 years.

The Cross.jpeg

The Cross

1 hr 30 mins

Dir. Michael G White & Shelby Hagerdon | Iowa Made

When Delore and Vivienne, French Catholic immigrants, open a successful restaurant in a rural Iowa town in the 1922, they are tormented by the KuKluxKlan. Fearing for their three teenage daughters, they are forced to confront the hidden prejudice of their community as they fight for the wellbeing of their family.

The Doer.jpeg

The Doer

16 mins

Dir. Richard Williams | Short

A down on his luck middle-aged man reinvents himself as a personal success strategist. When a woman and her son visit, he has an opportunity to present his "ultimate system" to them.

The Kids' Table.jpeg

The Kids’ Table  

45 mins

Dir. Stephen Folker  | Feature/Iowa Made

A compulsive, middle aged house wife struggles to pull together the perfect Christmas Eve.

The Mantis Ring.jpeg

The Mantis Ring

1 hr 26 mins

Dir. Luke James Bell | Local

Eliza, the victim of a sexually based crime has been denied justice from the legal system. After a night of drinking, she gets unique inspiration from her pet mantis to seek her own form of justice. With aid from he best friend, Addilynn, Eliza embarks on a crusade for revenge and justice that expands beyond her attacker.

The Satchel.jpeg

The Satchel

15 mins

Dir. Joseph Stevens | Short/Student

Riding aboard a steam locomotive in the heart of the Wild West, a mysterious traveler enlists the help of a seasoned outlaw to retrieve his stolen satchel, which contains a deadly secret.

The Suit.jpeg

The Suit

20 mins

Dir. Carol McCann | Short

The short film, The Suit, inspired by a song of the same name written by the legendary songwriter Hugh Prestwood, follows a salt of the earth older woman and her granddaughter who go in search of the perfect suit for Grandpa, a man who has spent his life “scratchin’ the earth.” Together they travel the Nebraska countryside, making stops at a General Store, a fine haberdashery, and ultimately, a Thrift store where we ultimately learn it is the suit Grandpa will be buried in. The Suit is about how the simplest task can take on monumental importance. It’s about how to say goodbye when words are utterly inadequate. The many ways we express love. And how we manage to continue in its absence, finding our strength in those around us.

The Unexpected Guests.jpeg

The Unexpected Guests

3 mins

Dir. Emi Vantyghem | Student

After moving into a new apartment. BFF’s (bimbo friends forever), Brittney and Brittknee start unpacking their totally fabulous belongings. Little do they know someone is already living in their crib!



14 mins

Dir. Laura Sweeney | Short

Our new short film TINA is a heartfelt, story about two people who knew each other back when and are surprised to meet up again. We think viewers will absolutely relate, especially if they’ve ever encountered someone from their past who influenced them at a key juncture in their life, or if they’ve gone searching online for an old friend, teacher, boss, whoever…and been surprised by how much they’ve both changed!

Truth Detector.jpeg

Truth Detector

6 mins

Dir. William Reliford | Animation

A high school science teacher finds a device that changes his life forever.

Ukraine, Ukraine.jpeg

Ukraine, Ukraine (Half The World Away)  

4 mins

Dir. Christine E. Whitten | Music Video

Music video protesting the 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Featuring an original song with the same title.

In 2003, a low-level cannabis case would end Weldon Angelos’ budding and promising career in the music industry. But it would also give birth to a national movement to reform our country’s criminal justice system, uniting far right conservatives like billionaire Charles Koch and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) with liberals such as Senator Corey Booker, Van Jones and musicians Alicia Keys, and Snoop Dogg.

Unlikely Allies.jpeg

Unlikely Allies  

1 hr 37 mins

Dir. Anthony Pedone | Documentary

What We Find on the Road.jpeg

What We Find on the Road

1 hr 33 mins

Dir. Chaysen Beacham | Feature

On his 18th birthday, TJ receives a key from his estranged ex con father. The key unlocks a timeworn ’68 convertible and a challenge to drive across America - in hopes of repairing his sense of family. Supported by a band of loveable oddballs and held together by humor and grit, TJ discovers that sometimes the longest road is the fastest way to home.

Within the Crystal Hills.jpeg

Within the Crystal Hills  

9 mins

Dir. Griffin "The" Hansen | Animation

An iron worker named Sawyer ventures into the White Mountains to bring his beloved Carrigain a precious diamond.

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